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To my Iranian sisters, in memoriam Neda

Juni 25, 2009

ندا صالحی آقا سلطان


Nedā Sālehi Āġā-Soltān; 1982 – June 20, 2009

Diese Zeilen fand Ü. K. auf dem Blog »Tazahorate Ma«, das über die Proteste im Iran berichtet

To my Iranian sisters

They tried to put you down by veiling your hair,

but they can never veil your mind.

They tried to weaken you by beating your body,

but they can never weaken your will.

They tried to make you silent by taking your rights,

but they underestimated your silent screams.

And now you fight back,

with all the bravery that is inside you

and with all the patience that helped you to survive.

We will never forget

what you have done for your people,

what you have done for us,

and the next generation will think of you

in love and the deepest respect.

They tried to put you down,

but instead they gave you wings.

And they will regret.